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Creative diploma

weeeeeeeeellllllllll, midwayish through the course now and really seems to have flown by. We have now finished our first project, which did seem to just drag on towards the end, however we haven’t yet started our new project but i am rather looking forward to doing so because at the moment we aren’t doing anything. Where as at college we are now soon going to be starting to film our own short film, i have now finished my storyboard and kept the script as it originally was and i am just waiting to film now!

Definately looking forward to seeing how the final piece of work will come out!

Tottenham Hotspur.

Well what can i say.. what a difference Harry Redknapp has made to spurs! from being bottom of the premiership by a number of points to now in prime position to get a champions league spot just the next year on. For a while now tottenham have been a ‘nearly there’ team with high expectations but they have never lived up to their expectations thus far. However this may be their season because they have had a fantastic start to the season so far and all they have to do is keep it up! They most certainly have the squad to do it with top class players in every position, although a possible problem that could ruin their season is there injury problems, ever since the start of the season tottenhams two main centre backs Ledley King and Jonathon Woodgate have had constant problems throughout the season and these problems still seem to have not cleared.
However, the rest of the tottenham team are making up for there lack of defence by playing excellent going forward with the real talent of aaron lennon and jermaine defoe putting in consistant superb performances  and also the croation pair Luka Modric and the new signing Nico Kranjcar.

So for tottenham it would be such a big confidence boost to bag a champions league spot and finally be considered as a serious top flight team in england then hopefully in the forthcoming years i would hope this confidemce boost would help tottenham to progress further to be considered one of the top class teams in the world! As a tottenham fan myself i feel that would be amazing and i am 100% sure every other tottenhma fan would feel exactly the same!        

Now please dont let us down tottenham!

Hello world!

p.c 🙂 , my teacher is making me create this profile for my college course, obviously i dont mind but to be perfectly honest i dont have a clue what im doing!
More to come soon! … hopefully.